Thursday, April 3, 2014

Richard Scarry's Best Nursery Tales Ever

Here's a nice large storybook that has several traditional fairy tales in them.  It's easy to read, the illustrations are colorful and the stories sweet.

Random House Children's Books sent me a copy for review (thank you).  It was previously published as Animal Nursery Tales.  Check with your local bookstore for a copy.

I hadn't read the previous edition, so this one was fun for me.  It's all animals, covers 11 stories, from the Gingerbread Man to The Three Wishes.  All the stories have messages but they are simply put.  The characters are full o life.  I can see a young one reading this more than once.  They might even want to change the story line.  Why not let them?  You might have a budding writer in your family.

As I mentioned, the stories are safe for young ones and the colors bright.  What's not to like?

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