Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Up Cat by Hazel Hutchens

How many things can a cat get up to?  If you own one, you know the answer to that:  Lots!

Annick Press and Net Galley shared a copy of this in ebook form for review (thank you).  It came out as a board book the first of February.  Check with your local bookstore for a copy.

This is very cute little board book that shows all the "ups" in cat's life.  Waking up, getting up, up to no good...  

What I like is that it is a realistic look at a cat's life and teaches your child all the various meanings up the word up.  The illustrations by Fanny are whimsical and will make your child smile.

There is a companion back called Up Dog, so you can share them both with your child or get the one that applies to your family pet.

Make the little one in your life smile and give them a board book they will able to read themselves at a young age.

Happy reading.


Joanna K said...

Thanks for the review! Please correct the author's last name to Hutchins. Thanks!

Joanna Karaplis, Annick Press

Jo Ann Hakola said...

Fixed. Thank you so much for pointing it out. I hate when someone misspells my name, so I'm remorseful when I do it to someone else.