Monday, February 27, 2012

After the Snow by S D Crockett

Willo lives in a world of snow and ice.  It's all he's known but he understands it wasn't always this way.  He was perfectly content living in the mountains and catching rabbits for food.  They used the skins from the animals they killed for trading stock and for clothes.  Life was good.  Until they took his family away...

Fiewel & Friends and Net Galley allowed me to download an ebook of this story for review (thank you).  It will be published in hardcover on March 27th.  If you like dystopian novels, you'll want to read this book.

Willo can see them from his hiding place on the mountain, but he can't tell what faction the raiders are with.  It could be soldiers, could be the power company looking for workers, or it could be stealers.  Doesn't really matter.  They're gone, and he's going to find them.

This story is eerie because it sounds just like things could happen after a distinct climate change.  It's survival of the fittest, those who have power prey on the weak, and nobody has much of anything.  There's treachery, lies, and hunger.  And Willo's father has secrets he didn't share with him...

I found myself reading this one fast because the story line grabbed me and I hoped the main character, Willo, would be able to find some peace in his life.  In bad times, that can be hard to find.

This was a very good read that young adults will enjoy.  It has sad moments, some of the situations are graphic, but it all has the ring of truth.  Drastic environmental and economic changes bring about odd leaders and events.  What would you do if your world as you knew it ended?

Happy reading.

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