Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hide'n Go Seek by Dale Mayer

Kali Jordan worked in Search and Rescue and she and her dog were astounding.  They were almost always successful at their hunts.  Kali had a secret she didn't share with people.  She would have been amazed to find out someone had already noticed...

Ms. Mayer sent me a copy of this ebook to read and review (thank you).  I'd already read the first one in this series:  Psychic Visions, and was looking forward to seeing where she went with this story.  I was not disappointed. You can get a copy on Amazon or Smashwords, it also comes in paperback.

Kali herself picks up the aura of folks who are injured and in need of rescue.  She also picks up the darkness of those who have died.  She can't tell other people that, though, so she uses Shiloh, her rescue dog, to help her find them and gives Shiloh the credit for the find.

Kali begins to realize something is wrong when disaster survivors are being murdered.  She can't understand why someone would kill them.  Then she gets a note calling her a witch and she knows someone has figured out her skills.  From there, it turns into a game of cat and mouse.  The killer hides the victims and dares Kali to find them before they are dead...

This is a psychological thriller that gives you a good background on the search and rescue process.  Ms. Mayer is good at expressing emotional trauma and how it affects the characters. Sometimes having a power can make you a magnet for love.  Or hatred.  

Why not travel along through Kali's shoes and see how she handles a murderer on her trail?

Happy reading.


SusanB said...

This sounds like a great book. Do you need to have read the first one before this one or is this pretty much a stand alone?
Thanks - Susan

Jo Ann Hakola said...

You can read this one as a stand alone, Susan. The main characters are different, it's the psychic ability theme that is continuous.