Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Be Brave, Willa Bean! by Cecilia Galante

Willa is such a cute little cupid.  If only she wasn't scared of flying high and the dark, she'd have it made...

This is a Random House Stepping Stone Book that was sent to me for review (thank you).  I had previously read the first in the series, so I was anxious to see what Willa encountered in Little Wings 2.  You can grab a copy of this at your local bookstore now.

Willa loves school and her best friend, Harper.  Some of the other school children weren't as nice to her, but she could ignore them.  At recess, though, she was supposed to take her "turn" at whatever they were doing.  Most games were a lot of fun, but she's fearful of flying high and that's what you have to do in "Tip Top".  So far she's managed to avoid her turn, but sooner or later she's going to have to do it.

She also doesn't like the dark; she can't see anything in the dark.  Her owl tells her there are stars and the moon, you can see.  She disagrees.

The author does a good job of showing Willa's fears and how she overcomes them.  This is a beginning chapter book and easy to read.  The illustrations are fun; Willa's hair is something else.  Any young one should have fun following Willa adventures.

Happy reading.

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SusanB said...

Sounds like a book my niece will enjoy. Thanks for the review.