Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah

I reviewed this book last year and really enjoyed reading it.  Here's a link that to that review:  Review .  See what the book is about and why it appealed to me.

Here is a quote from that review:  "They make up their minds to make their mother do what their father asked the mother to do - tell them the whole story. And what a fairy tale it is..."

 Here is a link to an excerpt of WINTER GARDEN: Excerpt so you can read a bit for yourself and see how you like the "taste" of this author.

The best part is that this book is now available in trade paperback and available at your local bookstore right now.  And to enhance your reading enjoyment there are more resources available at this time.  They are shown below.

-A discussion guide for WINTER GARDEN: Discussion Guide Please note that this discussion guide includes a spoiler.

-Book groups can sign up for a chance to have Kristin speak to them via speakerphone: Speak to Kristin

-Here are discussion themes and ideas for WINTER GARDEN: Discussion Themes and Ideas

-Readers can watch Kristin discuss WINTER GARDEN: Video

-Readers can “like” Kristin’s Facebook page: Facebook

Now that I have your attention, here's the best part:  I have two trade paperbacks from the publisher to offer for giveaway!  Just leave a comment here on my blog and send me an email at info @ bookfaerie.com (take out spaces) with your name and ADDRESS and tell me why you would like to read this book.  I'll send two lucky folks names in for the books in about a week.


kaccat said...

Wow - that excerpt reads well and I would love read the entire book!

franie said...

You are doing a wonderful job with your website. The book sounds interesting. My second daughter just today asked me for some history and stories from the family. My mother was Lithuanian and she thinks I should be telling her all these wonderful things. I had a normal childhood but know little about the Lithuanians.