Thursday, January 20, 2011

Against the Fire by Kat Martin

Gabe's business is refurbishing old buildings and returning them to their natural beauty for new uses.  He has no enemies.  So why is someone torching all his projects?

Mira Books will be publishing this book in February, and Net Galley provided me with eGalley for review (thank you both).  This is the second book in this mini-series about the Raines brothers.  (There is a third one I have on my list to read and review.)

This story has a very solid plot.  Gabe is trying to find out who the arsonist is, and Mattie wants to know the same thing because her rehabilitated student was badly beaten for asking questions.  So they tentatively agree to work together on the case.

The interplay between her two main characters who are gun-shy about relationships is expressed well.  Both of Ms. Martin's characters are strong individuals with their own opinion and the give and take of the relationship reads true.

Ms. Martin also builds other characters into the story, adds some psychological drama, and you're off turning the pages to see how the story comes out.

The romance is rated "R", there are graphic sex scenes described.

There is one more brother to get settled down in this family and I'm going to read and review that book also.  Watch for for it in the future.  And, in the meantime, you might want to visit your local bookstore and check out Ms. Martin's work.  She's published several different books for you to peruse.  Check them out - you may take home a pile!

Happy reading.

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