Friday, January 28, 2011

Big Bunny by Betseygail Rand and Colleen Rand

This little bunny just grew and grew and grew...

Tricycle Press published this hardcover children's picture book in mid-January and sent me a copy for review (thank you).  It's written by a mother-daughter team, and is appropriate for ages 3-5.

This is a very unique Easter story of a bunny who loved being big until she found out she wasn't able to participate in making baskets and coloring eggs; her paws were just too big and uncoordinated for that.  She goes off to hide in the woods and feel bad.  The other bunnies brainstorm to find out how to include her.

The author has a website that crafts and activities for young ones to do just like the bunnies.  Let them get inspired for Easter.  Here's the link: .

After reading this story, your young ones will know how the Easter bunny gets to all those houses in one night!

This is a charming story that will fascinate little ones.  Why not pick up a copy as an Easter gift at your local bookstore?

Happy reading!

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