Friday, January 21, 2011

The Affair of the Wooden Boy by Ian Doyle

James Stark attracts dark things which means he lives in a world of danger...

The author sent me a review copy of this book (thank you).  It is available on Amazon as an ebook and soon will be offered as print copies also.

James and Mina Stark have a talent for solving occult problems in the Victorian age.  I found Mr. Doyle's varied "hooks" to draw you through the story very satisfying and the plot is very different and ingenious in its execution.

Simon, a young boy, has had his body stolen from him and he's now occupying a wooden boy that he used to play with as a child.  He asks James and Mina to help him get his body back...

The story is well-paced, has lots of action, and a few surprises along the way.

As I read this tale, I couldn't help thinking it would make a really animated tale. Or even a graphic novel.  It just has that sort of feel.

I really enjoyed reading this novelette and hope there will be more James and Mina mysteries.  Get yourself a copy and check it out!

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