Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cross Fire by James Patterson

Alex Cross is back.  He's getting married and Kyle Craig is trying to kill him...

Little, Brown and Company sent me a copy of this hardcover for review (thank you).  It's already on bookshelves at your local bookstore, so if you're an Alex Cross fan - get a copy!

Detective Alex Cross has asked Bree Stone to marry and she's said yes.  However, he's called out on a case and they have to set aside their plans.

Someone is assassinating corrupt congress men, lobbyists, realtors, lawyers, and more.  Anyone who has inside knowledge and uses for their personal gain is a target.  It appears to be a professional sniper, with a partner.  How do they know who to hit and how do they know where they are going to be to set it up?

As Alex works through the conflicting information and tries to reason out how this is carried out, he is forced to work with an FBI agent, Max Siegel.  He's not real fond of him, but he has no choice. 

Then he gets a phone call from a man he put away years ago, Kyle Craig.  He advises Alex he's back.  And he'll kill everyone that matters to Alex before he kills him...

I had grown a bit bored with Alex as a character and his cases didn't seem as intense and exciting as they were in the beginning.  This book changed my point of view!  This whole story is intense and mind provoking and waiting for Kyle to show up and act is like waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Racy action, hard impact adventure and a plot that doesn't stop until the last sentence.  This is a good one - get yourself a copy!

Happy reading.

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