Friday, January 21, 2011

Where Do Giggles Come From by Diane Muldrow

Does your little one like to laugh?  This story will tickle them!

A new Little Golden Books hardcover is coming out this month and I was sent a copy for review (thank you).  I knew I'd love it.  All the Little Golden Books are special to me.  This one did not disappoint me.

Anne Kennedy illustrated the book and her drawings are sweet and colorful for the little ones.  Ms. Muldrow has written the story for children ages 2-5.  She shows you what makes someone laugh, in all it's varieties, with animal children and their parents.  Seeing the happy faces on the animals and watching them giggle should be enough to make your own child smile and laugh.

Why not get a copy of this cute little story to share with your young one.  We can all use a good smile or laugh in life, can't we?

Happy reading!

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