Thursday, January 27, 2011

Deadly by Julie Chibbaro

When entire households are struck by a deadly fever, doctors and scientists look for a cause...

Simon & Schuster provided me with eGalley of this book which will be issued near the end of February in hardcover (thank you).  It is written for young adults, age 12+.  Subtitle is:  How do you catch an invisible killer?

I was quite impressed by the fact that Ms. Chibbaro looks at this scientific challenge through the eyes of a young lady who has an interest in Gray's Anatomy and the chemistry of our bodies.  She builds a character who is young and naive but smart and determined and strong enough to bounce back from the obstacles she encounters.

This is the story of Typhoid Mary, but Prudence is there every step of the way.  She's torn between worrying about the rights of Mary while worrying about the fact it appears Mary may be a carrier of the disease.

It reads like a mystery and Prudence has some personal issues she must take care of along the way.  It has a nice flow and could very well lead the reader into doing more research on the subject.

Mark it on your TBR list and watch for it at your local bookstore in February.

Happy reading!

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