Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shortcut Man by P G Sturges

Forget legal.  You want something done quick, just call the Shortcut Man. He'll take care of it for you...

Scribner, a division of Simon & Schuster, provided me with an eGalley of this book for review (thank you).  The hardcover version of the book will be published in February.  If you like hardboiled pulp fiction, you'll enjoy this book.

Dick Henry (who is appropriately named, you'll find out why when you read the story) is a clean up man.  He cleans up messes.  You have a client that is taking advantage of the law and quit paying rent and knows you can't evict him?  Send Dick and his friend to talk to him...

Mr. Sturges has created a character that would have fit right in during Mike Hammer's era.  Dick is strong, smart enough to stay out of most trouble (but not all) and has good friends.  But he also has an eye for women...

He's got a hot one currently, her name is Lynette.  She blows in and out of his life, but when she's around she's ready, willing, and able.  And he's willing to put up with her absences because she's so delightful when she shows up.

In the meantime, he's hired to find out if a rich man's wife is sleeping around.  He's not fond of those cases, but it's paying real good money.  Imagine how he feels when he finds out Lynette is not Lynette and she's the wife of this hood?

This all happens in the first few chapters, and the story explodes into action with this revelation.  Dick is playing a game that is out of control, and he's caught in the middle.

The ending of the story is totally ironic.  I'm tempted to rewrite it in my own way, it could have gone in a very different direction.  But the ending is very appropriate for this story.

Every character is a player trying to get ahead - it holds your attention.  Why not visit your local bookstore in February and pick yourself up a copy?

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