Monday, January 17, 2011

Against the Wind by Kat Martin

Sarah is running from trouble, but trouble is following her....

This is a new series being published by Mira Books this month.  I got my eGalley from Net Galley for review (thanks to both of you). 

The Raines of Wind Canyon are proud, virile and vital men.  In this story, Sarah Allen runs for "home" to hide from the bad men her deceased husband worked with in LA.  She forgot the old saying:  You can run, but you can't hide.

Looking for an inexpensive place to stay that would be off the beaten track, she takes a cabin on a ranch - and meets Jackson.  None of the Raine boys are looking for long term relationships and Jackson makes sure she knows that.  Of course, he might be willing to share her bed otherwise.  But Sarah will have none of that.  She's just become a widow and has no urge to enter another relationship.  Especially since the last one was abusive.

This story is cat and mouse all the way through and will keep your attention.  Sarah's husband was playing illegal games with the bad boys and he was planning on bailing right before he got killed.  They are looking for a USB flash drive that her husband had - she has no idea where it is.  They don't believe her.

The world Ms. Martin portrays in her story is very real and truly dangerous.  As Jackson tried to protect Sarah and Holly, her child, the game just keeps tougher and more dangerous.

I enjoyed reading this story.  It's "R" rated, there are explicit sex scenes.  The suspense in the story is vivid and makes your heart race.  The secret revealed at the end is well hidden throughout the story. 

The reader is left wondering where Jackson got all his money, and why he and his brothers could have a gun battle in the mountains and not have trouble with the police, but these details don't affect the romance. 

This story moves along well and was a fun read.  I have the next book in the series already for me to read already!

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