Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Where the Light Enters by Sara Donati

Sophie has returned home since her husband succumbed to illness.  She plans to open her big house as a safe place for young women to board while schooling.  She's an Obstetrician herself and she knows how the men treat the women trying to enter what they consider "their" field.  She's friends with Anna, her cousin, who is another doctor.  They still have their struggles with some male doctors, but they can stand up for themselves.

Berkley Books invited me to read this book and partipate in the blog tour (thank you).  It is being published today.

Anna is married to Jack, a Detective-Sergeant in the police force.  He's working on cases he can use the doctor's help on.  They have a serial killer who deliver women's babies and slashes them internally so they die in pain.  Who could be so fiendish?  They have suspects but no proof.  They  are also looking for a missing woman and hope they have some insight on that.

The women find connections and search for the truth.  Their suspect tries to destroy them but the judge doesn't believe her lies.

This is a long story but it kept me glued to the book.  There's something happening on every page.

The doctor's discover a woman was the killer and they search for truth.  They find it...  

This is a chilling story that holds your attention all the way through.

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