Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Saving Fable by Scott Reintgen

Everybody in this world wants to be a main character in a book.  If they get to Fable they will be taught skills that will enhance their chances of getting chosen.

Crown Books for Young Readers and Net Galley let me read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published September 17th.

Indira desperately wants to be a character.  Her older brother wasn't chosen and she's hoping she can include him in her book.  She gets to Fable but her advisor tells her she's been failing all the classes.  She knows she's done the work but her homework pages are blank.  She figures the paper her advisor gave must have a spell on it.  Then she finds out more about her, none of it good.  The other advisors want proof.  Getting proof is dangerous but she heads out to find it.  What she finds is a horrible plot to take her place in a book.  You see, her advisor was an unfinished character and she'd lied about her name to get the job.  The advisor doesn't care if she destroys two worlds to get what she wants.

Can Indira stop her?  Who will help her?  Can she stop the spell and save her classmates that "disappeared"?  That's a lot of "if's".  But Indiri has been doing well in her classes and she'll just have to wing it like she usually does.

This was a fun read with main characters, side characters, and those that would do cameo spots.  Indira is just a side character so how can she be a hero?  With magic, and special tools  there's a lot of mischief that can be done.  It's good that Indira is trying to stop that.

What a great read for middle schoolers who like fantasy tales!

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