Sunday, June 9, 2019

Whispering in the Wind by Alan Marshall, Shane Maloney, Jack Newnham

Peter lives in a bush hut with Crooked Mick, who is an excellent horseman.  One day, Peter decides to go out and find a princess and rescue her from a dragon.   Mick's OK with that.  He gives Peter a whip that makes a lot of noise if you do it right and that will call Mick if Peter gets in trouble.

Text Classics and Edelweiss allowed me to read this book for review (thank you)  It will be published June 11th.

When Peter starts his journey, a tree talks to him and tells him where the princess lives.  There's danger along the way.  He meets a witch and finds out about a magic leaf.  When he finds it, he gives her one and she changes.  She no longer wants to eat him.  The leaf saves him from a lot of trouble.

He's traveling with a kangaroo who can talk and has a magic pouch.  She can pull anything out of it.  Want dinner?  Want a rope or a sleeping bag?  I'd like to have a pouch like that!

He meets a giant who captures humans and puts them in boxes imprisoning them.  It takes some doing, but he finally gives him the leaf and he lets his prisoners go.

This was first published in 1969 and I enjoy reading the classic stories with no cursing or sex thrown in.

Peter has many more obstacles to conquer before he can save the princess and it's great fun watching him do it.

I really enjoyed reading this one.  With magic, a talking kangaroo, and a magic whip everything finally falls into place and the story ends happily. 

Read it and see what you think.  I loved it.

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