Monday, June 17, 2019

Heart of Barkness by Spencer Quinn

Chet and Bernie are back again.  I enjoy this series because the dog narrates the story.  Chet thinks Bernie is the smartest human around and he loves helping him on his cases.  You can just imagine how helpful he is...

Forge Books and Edelweiss let me read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published July 2nd.

When Bernie gets complimentary tickets to a country music performance, he goes even if the tavern it's in is a dive.  He remembers the singer and wants to see her again.  He never expected someone to steal his tip out of the tip jar.  And Chet never had anyone else slither out of their pants and run away half nude either.  Bernie gets the tip back and added to the tip jar.  Then another man collects the money in the tip jar.  He says he's her manager.

Soon Bernie finds himself looking into her life trying to figure out what happened in the past that affected her life and the life of her daughter.  When her  manager is found dead in her bed, she's charged with murder.  Bernie doesn't believe it so he continues asking questions.  

Her story is more and more complicated.  Her lover who died of drug overdose was actually shot to death.  So her story has been created by other people.  She blacked out.  She believed what they told her.  Just like she's confessed to this latest murder.

Wen Bernie gets shot at, he gets serious about the case.  What he finds out is is surprising and close to home.  People are not always what they seem.

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