Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Book Charmer by Karen Hawkins

Sarah Dove has had books talk to her for years.  They ask her to read them or tell her who shoild.  She's the librarian now and having that skill is handy.  The Dove's have always had a touch of magic bur they don't brag about it.  Right now, she's a bit worried about her town.  Vendors have been leaving and the town populace has been dwindling.  They've got to revitalize the town or it's going to die.

Gallery Books and Edelweiss let me read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published July 30th.

When the town clerk retires and hires a new woman in town to take her place, an old journal tells Sarah she's the one that can save the town.  Sarah doubts it but visits with her.  It seems she only plans on staying one year.  Her foster mother is having memory problems and this is her home town.  Grace is hoping being here will help her.  Grace is also raising her sister's girl.  Hannah overdosed and Daisy needs a Mom.  If only she knew how to be one.

One of Grace's first challenges is to plan the apple festival.  She attempts to shuck the duties off on another committee member but then she finds there is almost no money to allot to that budget.  She goes to give them the bad news and finds herself chairing the group again.  She asks them for time to do research on the festival.  When she shares what she found, she also comes in with new ideas and assignments for each committee member.  There's mumbling and grumbling but they get it done.

While she's trying to save the town, her foster mom wanders at night.  One evening she gets a call from her next door neighbor telling her she's in his house making spaghetti...

Mom gets lost one day and the whole town turns out to find her and the little one.  And mixed in with all that is her romantic interest in the next door neighbor.  She tries to deny it, but it keeps growing.  He's interested, too.

She might have only come for a year, but the town doesn't know that...

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