Saturday, August 1, 2015

In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware

She was a novelist.  She had walked away from school, made a new life in a new town, and she was never going back.  She lived alone in a small space and she was happy with her life.  What was she to do when she gets invited to a "hen party" of her best friend ten years ago?  Go or stay?  She'd almost made her mind up not to go when Nina, another school friend who lived in town, emailed her and said, "I'll go if you go."    She's going to be real sorry she agreed...

Gallery/Scout Press and Edelweiss gave the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published August 4th.

This story is creepy.  It's psychological suspense with a taste of horror.  Horror that someone could do what they did.  Horror about why they did it.

A hen party is like a bridal shower in the states.  The mix of ladies there was interesting.  Even a gay male was included.  The house is big enough for all; they have roommates to keep them company.  It's set in the woods, it's all glass and in the winter, it's almost like the forest outside is imprisoning you.  No one realizes they are all part of plot being sprung by one of the people at the hen party.

What made Nora leave so long ago is still a secret.  The only two people who know about it are James and Claire and they are the ones getting married.  Nora will always wonder if she should have just stayed away but I think the trouble would have come to her if she didn't go to it.

Despite her good intentions of making the most of the weekend and leaving early on Sunday, everything comes to climax on Saturday night.  The worst part is that she wakes up on a hospital and can't remember what happened.  The cops are there to talk to her but it seems they are trying to charge her with murder.  Who died?  Why did they die?  And who did it?  She's pretty sure it wasn't her, but she doesn't know for sure.

This book will mess with your mind and make you very glad you didn't know these people.  Evil exists in the world and in the hearts of people close to you.  Live your life carefully...

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