Sunday, August 16, 2015

Kill by Numbers: In the Wake of the Templars Book Two by Loren Rhoads

She keeps dreaming.  They are almost nightmares.  Some are of the past, some are of a past that never happened, and she keeps killing Gavin in all of them.  That never happened.  Is she losing her mind?

Nightshade Books and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book (thank you).  It will be published September 1st, so you can grab a copy then.

Raena was an assassin in the past but she's free now and should be thinking of the future, not dwelling in the past.

The airship she's on has all kinds of aliens making up the crew.  I enjoyed reading about how they looked, how they talked and what their positions were for work.  There's a lizard, octopus, and a cat-like creature among the crew.  There's even a human captain.  She knows these people and likes them but she's a weapon.  When the dreams won't stop, she asks them to lock her in her room so she doesn't harm someone by accident.

I found the dream sequences a bit confusing.  They seemed to go over the same thing again and again with a different result.  She had never killed Gavin so why does she keep doing it over and over again in her dreams?

They take on a job moving a journalist off planet.  He wore out his welcome by reporting on subjects no one talked about.  While they go to pick him up, there's an attack on his safe place and Raena has to use her skills to keep him safe.  She finally decides she has to find out what happened to Gavin.  What she finds out doesn't really make things clearer.

There's to be another book in this series.  I will have to check it out and see where Mr. Rhoads is going with this story.

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