Tuesday, August 25, 2015

LOVE volume 2: THE FOX by Frederic Brremaud

This graphic comic series has the best illustrations!  I read The Tiger and was pleased to find another issue was out.  It's especially touching because there are no words.  Even with no words, the message comes across...

Magnetic Press and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published November 10th.  Make a note on your TBR list and pick up the first one in the series if you haven't read it yet.

These are nature stories.  The first book was set in the jungle; this one is set further north where polar bears and orca whales exist.  It's a tale of a natural disaster and the animal's reaction to it.  It has a bit of warning about global warming in the story, too.

You see all the various animals of the sea.  The orcas try to capture the polar bear as he swims to the mainland but aren't successful.  However, the polar bear scares the seals and they hit the water to become victims of the killer whales.  Then the polar runs into a grizzly because the volcano is driving all the animals down from the mountains.  Everyone is running away except this small fox.  She's running around and through the fire heading for a safe place.  As you watch the disaster unfold, you visually see how scary lava and fire can be for animals.  Federico Bertolucci's illustrations leave no doubt in your mind.  It was a mother's love driving that fox.  She had to get to her pup who was living under a tree.

I won't forget this story quickly and can't wait to see the next one in this series.

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