Saturday, August 15, 2015

Aoleon The Martian Girl Part 1: First Contact by Brent LeVasseur

Gilbert has been having bad dreams.  Not only that, but his nightmares repeat themselves.  Why is he even dreaming such odd dreams and what do they mean?

Aoleon Press and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  This is a story told in five parts.  This first book has been published and you can start the series now.

Gilbert can't sleep because his parents are fighting, so he gets up to look out his telescope.  He's looking at the stars until he realizes the movement he's seeing in the sky is not a falling star.  What could it be?

This tale is part serious, part humorous, and part silly so it's just right for middle graders.  You know those crop circles?  They really are done by aliens...

The story is exciting.  They have the local farmer shooting his shotgun at them, various fighter planes coming after them, and even more dangers to face when they get to Aoleon's planet.  They also find out they have a quest.  Just because they never heard of it before doesn't mean anything.  After all, they're young.  So they don't know each other very well.  It sounds like that's all going to change real soon.

The graphics reminded me a bit of Toy Story.  They're very colorful and add to the picture of another planet.  This read up quickly.  I can see the younger reader asking for the next one in the series as soon as they finish this one.  Be prepared!

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