Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Paris Key by Juliet Blackwell

What if you've lost all direction in your life and you're not sure you even like who you are now?  How do you start over?

Penguin Books sent me a copy of this book for review (thank you).  It will be published September 1st.

When Genevieve found out her husband was having an affair, her marriage was over.  She had to admit it was really over a long time ago but they were both still going through the motions.  She was in a boring job, had a boring life and now she had nothing.  What was she to do?  She had one opportunity:  She could go to Paris and take over her Uncle's locksmith business. She had spent a lovely summer with her Uncle Dave and his wife.  He'd taught her how to pick locks, how to clean them up, the inner workings and even how to make keys.  If she didn't continue the business, she could at least finish up the jobs he had going.  She packs up and heads out after talking to her cousin.

She can't speak much French, doesn't know anyone, and is just barely getting settled in when people being to call.  They're curious, they need her help, and it isn't long until they like her.  She has no chance to sleep in, any job turns into almost all day event, she's learning to eat and drink new things, and she's enjoying herself for the first time in a long time. However, Paris holds some secrets for her and when she digs deep enough she finds them.  Now she has to decide how to handle that knowledge.

This reads almost like a cozy.  There are alternative chapters where our main character is telling her story and where her mother is telling hers.  They're identified by year, so it wasn't hard to tell which character is which.  The story is mellow with touches of red for danger in the era her mother was here.  What happened in Paris stayed in Paris, but it also touched life in America.  Now Paris is touching an American...

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