Friday, August 2, 2013

Tour of Duty: Stories and Provocations from Michael Z. Williamson by Michael Z. Williamson

Mr. Williamson writes for the true hard core sci/fi fans.  His stories range from lighter fantasy to highly delineated mathematical equations.  His non-fiction is entertaining.  He's an interesting man.

Baen and Edelweiss allowed me download an ebook of this anothology for review (thank you). It goes on sale August 6th, so watch for a copy at your local bookstore.

I generally read fantasy but the cover art on this book grabbed me and drug me in to read the stories.  I enjoyed most of them.  Some were a bit "too" sci/fi.  The ones he wrote with his wife appealed to me more than some of the others.

The very best story, in my opinion, is the one he couldn't get published.  It didn't fall cleanly into place in the sci/fi world, but the story was very good.  Somehow, I always manage to choose the odd ones as favorites of mine so this is not surprising.  "The Humans Call It Duty" was excellent.  

Even if you buy the book and only like this story, it would be worth it.  There's enough content to ensure you like more than one story, so why not grab it and settle down to take adventures out beyond the edges of the world?  You'll be glad you did.

Happy reading.

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