Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Never Girls: A Dandelion Wish by Kiki Thorpe

Mia has to stay home and take care her of baby sister.  She's not allowed to have friends over because that would distract her.  That makes Mia crabby and she takes it out on Gabby.  Imagine her shock when she finds out Gabby has gone to the fairyland without her!

Random House Children's Books sent me a copy of this book for review (thank you).  It has been published and is the third book in the series, so check them all out.

Mia immediately calls her friends and tells them what has happened.  She also tells them that while Gabby was missing, her Dad nailed the fence back together.  What if they can't find the way back?

The fairy stuck on their side helps them and they find the way through the fence; however, there's no portal on the other side.  What do they do now???

I like this series not only because it has fairies in it, but because the girls act just like girls and most problems are the consequences of their own actions.  They learn from each experience and are growing up before our eyes.  It's a good thing they have fairies to help them.  My Mom told me I wore out four guardian angels during my childhood.  It's a good thing it's a fairy village so everyone can help raise them!

Happy reading.

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