Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Ugly Princess by Elizabeth K Burton

This story had me from the first sentence:  "The truth might never have come to light had the king not gotten drunk at his wedding banquet and choked to death on a pheasant bone."

Zumaya Otherworlds has published this book and shared a copy with me for review (thank you).  It is available for sale on their facebook page: Zumaya Publications

I have to share one of my most mortifying moments with you.  As I was picking which books I thought would be interesting reading, I asked if this was a good book and would hold my attention.  (Light fluffy fantasy is not my fave.)  The woman I was speaking with replied:  "Well, I think it's a good story.  But I may not be a good judge because I wrote it."  Boy, was I embarrassed.  It's really not polite to ask an author if their book is worth reading.  Sigh...  At least she didn't get insulted or upset about it.  But I'd recommend other reviewers don't stick their foot in their mouth (or keyboard) like I did!

This WAS a good read.  When the King dies before he consummate his next marriage, the Kingdom goes to his daughter.  Both wife and daughter were sent far away and "incarcerated" for their safety and so the King didn't have to see them anymore.  No one has seen her, but they have heard she's ugly.

This is not a fairy tale.  It's the story of castle hierarchy and tradition, different cultures, spying and intrigue, and a power struggle.  The Royal Champion goes to bring her home and turns his life upside down.  Not only does he have the misfortune to fall in love with her, the new developments at the castle mean she will no longer need a Royal Champion.  Will his life even be worth living?

The story kept my interest from beginning to end.  I really enjoyed it and my copy is going in my permanent library.  The author was correct.  It's a very good read.  

Why not get yourself a copy and meet Dagger Jack as well as the Royal Champion and the Princess.  I think you'll find Dagger Jack in a future tale.  The attempt to acquire the castle and its lands hasn't ended yet.

Happy reading.

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