Thursday, December 15, 2011

Feral: Book 1 in the Werecat Saga by Jami Lynn Saunders

This is a really creepy story...

711 Press shared a copy of this ebook with me and I'm glad they did (thank you).  It's available for download now on Amazon.

Earth has changed.  War and viruses have taken their toll and it's not safe "outside".  There are gangs, ferals and more out there.

The last virus that ripped through the land turned humans who survived the virus into werecats.  However, until the change comes, they appear to be just normal.  There were other feral creatures, too.  And those who lived in the wild had become truly wild.  They weren't even sane anymore.

When Pippa goes out for a walk after her birthday party, she has no intention of going so far or running into a gang of boys.  She knew she was even in more trouble when they attempt to rape her.  But what nobody knew was that she was a werecat...

The fact that she has transformed puts her in even greater danger.  She must travel across country to try to find her parents.  Pippa thought they were dead, but it appears that wasn't true.  Or at least it wasn't years ago.

The story of her journey and the dangers she faces is filled with terror and will keep you glued to your seat.  I'll be watching for next installment in this series.

Happy reading!

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