Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mole Had Everything by Jamison Odon

Mole was very happy with his simple life.  He had a bed, a pillow, a small bookcase (my kind of mole), and a tea cup.  He was not lacking anything that he knew of.  Then he invited his neighbor for tea and realized he only had one tea cup...

Blue Apple Books shared an ebook of this charming picture book with me (thank you).  It will be published at the end of April next year, but I just had to read this one now.  It was too cute to wait!

The message in this story is one that many of us could benefit from taking to heart.  We get so caught up in accumulating "things" that belong to us that we don't appreciate simpler times with less.

Mole decides he needs more.  After all, he can't even share a cup of tea with his neighbor.  So he sets out to see what he can find.  And find things he does!

He brings back all his treasures and can barely get them in his house.  But he has everything now, and that's good.  Or is it? He spends his time dusting, fixing, cleaning, and restacking all his goodies and has no time for relaxing or playing in the flowers.

After thinking about it for a bit, he gives away his extra belongings.  And keeps one extra tea cup.  And life is better...

Mole learned that important lesson about how much is enough.  Why not teach it your young ones by reading this picture book to them.  Mole will make them smile.

Happy reading.