Saturday, December 24, 2011

Stealing Magic by Marianne Malone

Someone is stealing antiques from the miniature rooms in the museum and it's taking the magic out of them.  The worst part is that the thief is an adult...

Random House allowed me to read an ebook of the story (thank you).  It's a sequel to The Sixty-Eight Rooms, which I really enjoyed reading.  The book will be on sale on January 24th, so check with your local bookstore to pre-order a copy.

These stories remind me of the Littles.  The children in the story use a key to make themselves five inches high and then explore the miniature worlds.  The even more magical part of the story is when they can actually enter the past and visit with the people living there.

Ms. Malone does an excellent job of making her characters interesting and entertaining.  You can feel the young ones worries and concern about how to find the lost antique items and get them back to the museum.  They also meet a couple of girls from the past which adds a historical aspect to the story.

I found it a very enjoyable read and it should fascinate young adult readers.  This is a stand alone book but it would be more fun to read if you get them the first book in this series, too.  It helps build the background for the second book.  Why not get them a copy and share it with them?

Happy reading.

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