Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kill Them All by Harry Shannon

Matt should know better than to go into a small town.  It gets him in trouble every time...

Lee Goldberg sent me a copy of this novelette to read and review (thank you).  It's part of the Dead Man series and is available on Amazon now.

Matt has the Dark Man after him and has to stay continuously on the move.  He's hunting for his enemy and wants to kill him and stop the hunt, but somehow the Dark Man never cooperates with his desires.

When Matt stops to help a girl who has fallen down a mine shaft, he finds himself stopping long enough to be thanked and long enough to hear about a new batch of badies that are after him.

He thought he had trouble enough before, but there's new danger brewing for him...

These tales are creepy, bloody, and horror-filled.  You won't set the story down and get up to go do something else.  I'm sure you'll read them right through so you can see what happens.  The stories grasp and grab you and it's a rough ride to the end.

Grab yourself a copy and see if you find it boring - ha!

Happy reading.

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