Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Clockwork Christmas by Stacy Gail, P G Forte, Jenny Schwartz, J K Coi

This is an anthology of short romantic stories for Christmas with a steampunk kick to them.  I really enjoyed reading them!

Net Galley and Carina Press allowed me a copy of this ebook for review (thank you).  It has been published on the 5th, so you can buy a copy now.  

The subtitle on the book is :  A Steampunk Christmas Anthology.  Steampunk has a taste of Jules Vern's magic in it.  There are a variety of odd mechanical toys, vehicles, and human improvements that are offered in steampunk stories and that really appeals to me.  My fascination with genre took me by surprise.  I didn't expect to like it that well, but it seems I love it.  Who would have thought so?

These stories have a romantic side to them which adds some warmth to the cold themes of the stories.  Most steampunk is set in era that resembles the Victorian age and they normally have at least one evil character in them.  That's what my reference to a cold theme was referring to.

My favorite story was Crime Wave in a Corset by Stacy GailThey were all good, but this one caught my heart.  She's a thief extraordinaire and he wants his sister's Faberge egg back.  His method of getting what he wants is to install an explosive timepiece on her wrist that she can't remove without causing her own death.  She's very headstrong and independent and so's he.  This is a very lively story with a wonderful ending.  

It's worth buying the book to get this story, and you have three more to read when you finish this one.  How can you lose?  If steampunk or strong personalities fascinate you, you'll love this read.

Happy reading.

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