Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Spirit of Dogie Long by J P S Brown

Cowboys know how to drive cattle, but what do they know about raising a baby?

J P S Brown and I "met" when he bought a book from me and I asked if he was the author.  The answer was yes, and we've been friends since.  (By the way, I am friends with several book customers, you don't have to be an author to qualify.  Just talk to me, LOL.)

Joe has written several westerns and they are "real west".  He's grown up in Arizona, has his own ranch, and knows about the subject he writes about.  This book is one of his new ones coming out, and it's very different from his others.

When the cattle drive takes them past a deserted wagon, the men suddenly realize they hear something.  Nothing had prepared them to find an orphaned newborn boy.  The cook ended up caring for him since the others were on horses all day.  In time, they began taking him for rides with them.  

The story of Dogie growing up is amusing.  He's curious, adventurous, and wants to be a horseman like his friends.  But it's a rough tough world on the trail, and can be dangerous and deadly.

If you want an idea of what it was really like to live in the old West and live the life of cowboy, this book is an excellent look at how it was.  Driving cattle is dangerous, there are marauders, weather conditions can kill, and in the middle of all that is this young boy with aspirations of a becoming a full-fledged cowboy.

This book will hold your attention all the way through.  It will teach you a few things, make you shed a few tears, and leave you with a respect for cowboys.

Why not visit Mr. Brown's Website, see the other books he written, and ask him when this one will be available.  It's good reading.

Happy reading.

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