Monday, March 7, 2011

So Close the Hand of Death by J T Ellison

There are multiple murders all over the US with the modus operandi of jailed or dead serial killers.  What's going on?  And why is Taylor Jackson getting personal threat messages?

Book VI of the Taylor Jackson series was released by Mira Books at the end of February.  I got my eBook for review from Mira and Net Galley (thank you).  Your local bookstore should have a copy for you now.

I had not read any of Ms. Ellison's work before, but I was quite impressed with the intensity of her plot and her words flow across the page with no hesitation.  I read this book in one night because I didn't want to stop and come back later.  I had to know what happened...

It doesn't take Taylor long to realize that she's again fighting the Pretender, who has a vendetta against her.  But he has to have help to be in so many places at once.  He has her targeted in Nashville and can't be traveling back and forth.  

Playing a cat and mouse game with psychopath is not fun.  Especially when he is willing to hurt people she loves to get to her.

The story is fast paced and well written.  I highly recommend this book.  And I'm sure others in this series are just as good.  Why not visit your local bookstore and pick up a few?

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tori.winchester24 said...

Hm, I don't usually look at mystery novels but this series sounds interesting.