Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Am Tama, Lucky Cat by Wendy Henrichs

Have you ever heard the legend from Japan about Tama, the lucky cat?  If not, you're in for a treat!  If you have, this is a beautiful rendition of this old folktale.

Peachtree Publishing and Net Galley offered me the opportunity to review this book.  I love Peachtree's children's books and was anxious to see how they did this tale.

It's a simple story and I've read it in more than one picture book, but the illustrator, Yoshiko Jaeggi, uses her artwork to bring new life to the old tale.  Her pictures are colorful, magical and to the point.  The author writes in a direct style that tells the story succinctly and completely.

This author/illustrator combo has created a beautiful story about the cat who moves in with a monk and brings him luck.  

Check it out at your local bookstore and pick up a copy for the young one in your life or even for your picture book collection.  It's worth a look and you may find yourself going home with a copy.

Happy reading!

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