Friday, March 25, 2011

Run by Blake Crouch

What if your world was turned totally upside down and people starting acting mean and crazy.  Would you be able to survive?  Jack Colclough is about to find out...

Blake Crouch has sent me other ebooks of his work (sometimes in conjunction with other authors) to read.  His work always fascinates me.  He has a way of getting inside my fears.  Mr. Crouch writes a good horror tale.

The story begins quietly.  A family of four, living in Albuquerque, not exactly happily ever after.  Then things begin to turn unusual.  Unexplained, senseless deaths are beginning to turn up everywhere.  And it doesn't take long until the danger is running the streets of Albuquerque, too.  If it's the end of the world as you knew it, what do you do?  Jack decides all they can do is RUN!

Running means grabbing what they can in five minutes and then hitting the road.  But the human predators are not willing to let them get away.

This has the feel of an end of the world novel, and the challenges the family face are horrendous.  Once you read this book, you won't quit thinking about it.  Instead you'll be saying, "What if..."

You can get a copy of it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords in ebook form right now.  A print copy is planned in the future.  Here's a link to the author's website with more info about the book:

Happy reading - and thinking...

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