Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Poky Little Puppy by Janette Sebring Lowrey

About the only way you wouldn't be familiar with this book is if you hadn't read it before.  I can't believe anyone would forget it!

This is another Golden Baby board book from Random House Kid's Books that was provided to me for review (thank you).  Of this series so far, this one is my favorite.  You can get a copy at your local bookstore right now, it's already been published.  It's for ages 0-3 and is cute as cute could be.

Gustaf Tenggren has done the illustrations and the puppies are round and fluffy and their tongues hang out.  Ms Lowery's story about the puppy who is always the last, whether they are on adventure or going home, has a lesson for the little one.  You need to follow the rules.

I'm very fond of animals and dogs touch my heart, so that may be why I like this book so much.  But whether you are an animal lover or not, this book should make your little one laugh and want to hear the story again and again.

Happy reading!

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