Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Negative Image by Vicki Delaney

Murder isn't anything that Sergeant John Winters hasn't seen before.  But his wife hasn't been a suspect before...

Poisoned Pen Press published this book and I got my eBook from Net Galley for review (thank you).  It's currently available in your local bookstore as a hardcover, trade paperback or large print edition.

When a famous photographer arrives in British Columbia with his young trophy wife in tow, locals just expected a brief visit and then a return to normal.  But when the photographer is found dead in his bathroom, it's just beginning of an investigation that goes wide and far, but comes back to rest in the small city of Trafalgar.

Besides being a murder mystery, there is a marriage on trial in this story, too.  John Winter's wife was one of the last people to see the photographer alive.  Not only that, she has a past with him.  He never worried about that past before, but now he has no choice.  He moves out and he's removed from the case due to the potential conflict.  He wants to believe she's innocent.  But can he?

Ms. Delaney does a good job of showing how much trauma and drama can be created by a momentary indiscretion.  It's 25 years later, but it still could be a marriage killer.

The murderer was very cautious and the killing premeditated, so it's a cat and mouse hunt until the end.

I found it a very good read.  Get yourself a copy and check it out.

Happy reading!

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SusanB said...

This sounds like a great read. Will have to put it on my tbr list. Thanks for the review.
Susan B