Friday, May 8, 2009

When the Moon Forgot by Jimmy Liao

Reading this book was a joy. The illustrations are wonderful, the story line is whimsical, and it will draw children back to it for re-reading.

A young boy goes out catching butterflies, and find the moon floating in a pond. He catches it with his net and takes it home with him.

People wonder where the moon has gone, and fret over when it will return. But, not to worry. They'll just make new moons and everyone can have one!

In the meantime, the boy is keeping his moon warm and cuddling it until it opens its eyes and learns to roll. He tries to get the moon to float, but it's not ready yet.

As time goes on, he finds that the moon likes to play at night. That's great, but it means he's too tired to play during the day and loses his friends.

(Be sure to check out the illustrations. There's one of a dog peeing on a moon - just like dogs do!)

Soon the fake moons are abandoned by their owners, and the real moon begins to grow with the experiences he and the boy have had together. Eventually the real moon returns to the sky...

It would make a good bedtime book. Settle the child down and read this one with him. And he'll be able to sleep under the moonlight.


Ray & Carla Ives said...

Sounds like a story my kids would have loved when they were younger! I bet the illustrations really make the story.

S said...

This one sounds intriguing and filled with fun.