Friday, May 22, 2009

Dinosaur by Stephanie Stansbie

This is an outstanding book! It's oversized, the dinosaur on the cover makes you wonder if you should hide, and the inside is full of treasures...

There are multilayered lift the flaps (pick up the big dinosaur tooth to find a smaller under it - about four times!), gatefolds you can lift and find more info behind, a giant two sided poster, and more information about dinosaurs than you can imagine.

With the very colorful graphics and the fun surprises you find on each page, no child is going to want to miss any part of this book. Reading it over and over again will just bring something new to light for them.

Even if they don't really like dinosaurs, they'll love this book. It's like a trip to the natural museum and you can do it from your favorite chair at home.

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