Friday, May 15, 2009

I HATE cleaning up craft booklets!

Getting the tag off of something that is over 20 years old is real time consuming and requires much care. My patience level is usually shot by the time I think of cleaning them up for listing the next day. Some glue is better than others. Some I don't even bother trying to get off. Some tags take some cover with them. But I hate to leave someone's address label on the book.

I've started using a mini screwdriver to try to help save my nails from splitting. The Goo Gone makes my skin dry and brittle. Ugh!

I need a helper to clean them up for me. But they'd have to be content with the same rate of pay I get doing this job - which is zero...

Guess I better just resign myself to the fact that I shall have to continue doing it. Sigh...

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