Monday, May 11, 2009

The Curious Garden by Peter Brown

This is a very timely book for young ones. The national news talked about people who were "greening" up vacant lots. They also have talked about garden co-ops where each person rents a segment of ground and then grows what they wish. And here comes The Curious Garden...

Liam lived in a dark, dank town filled factories and industries. Gray was the prevailing color. Most people stayed inside. But not Liam!

He'd wander about with his umbrella and see what he could see. One day, he happened on to the old railway tracks that were no longer in use. He's always wanted to explore them and there was no one else around - so we all know what that little boy did next, right??? He opened the door, ran up the steps, and surprised himself by finding some color on the tracks! Wildflowers and plants were trying to grow there, but were dying from lack of water.

He didn't know much about gardening, but he decided to try to save the little garden he had found. He almost drowned the plants, he didn't do too well with pruning in the beginning, but he persisted.

Then, as the garden grew healthy, it began creeping down the railway line, reseeding itself and adding more color.

When winter came, Liam couldn't visit the plants anymore, but he read up on gardening and got his tools together for spring!

They looked awful, but with some tender, loving care, they came back to life from their winter sleep. And they kept growing and expanding until they began leaving the railway and began falling down into the city proper.

And, as the plants moved and grew, more gardeners grew, too! As time went on, the city went back to being green and having gardens. But Liam's favorite spot was where it had all begun...

Maybe this book will encourage your own little gardener to get started on doing some planting. It can all begin with one pot and one plant. Green is good for our world.

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gautami tripathy said...

My 12 years old nephew loves pottering around. I will try to get this for him.