Monday, May 11, 2009

Let's Do Nothing! Tony Fucile

Have you ever really tried to "do nothing"? Unless you're a mime, I doubt if you'll be successful!

This delightful book has two young fellas that have done EVERYTHING. From sports to board games to comic books, they have been there and done that. And they are really bored!

But Sal comes up a new idea and Frankie thinks it's way cool, and they decide they will work on doing 10 WHOLE SECONDS of nothing. Sounds easy. But Frankie has way too good of an imagination.

They get two chairs and sit down to concentrate on doing nothing. Sal suggests they pretend they're a couple of those statues you see in the park. That worked until Frankie envisioned being covered with pigeons.

Next they were two giant redwood trees, but Frankie imagined Sal's dog peeing on him...

Then Sal had Frankie be the Empire State building - but King Kong got him then.

So Sal makes him lay on the floor and puts blocks on his stomach and head to keep him still and make him do nothing - but even that doesn't work.

It's not possible to do nothing! You still have to breath, you still have to blink your eyes, etc.

So then the pair decide it's time to do SOMETHING - anything, but something, but nothing doesn't work.

The illustrations are great. They really add to the story.

Give your bored child this book to read - it may change his/her perspective!

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Unknown said...

This one sounds like a fun read!