Saturday, March 5, 2022

The Best Liars in Riverview by Lin Thompson

Aubrey and Joel are good friends.  They grew up together and they play games with each other.  But one day, they argue and when Aubrey gets up in the morning, Joel is gone.  He didn't go home.  She realizes he took the raft they built.

Little Brown and company sent me an ARC to read and review.  It will be published on March 8th.

There is a boy at school that bullies Joel.  Aubrey tries to defend him but it doesn't always work.  He wants to leave town with his mom.  Aubrey doesn't want him to go.

The search for Joel is joined by two female friends.  Aubrey finally gets the idea that the truth has to be told.  She starts out slow but it gets better as time goes on.  

Will she find Joel?

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