Saturday, June 26, 2021

The Anglophile's Notebook by Sunday Taylor

This is the story of a woman who is trying to find info about Charlotte Bronte.  She wants to write about her life and how she became an author.

The author provided me a copy of the book to read for review (thank you).  It has been published so you can get a copy now.

Claire even goes from the states to England to fine more resources.  She finds more than one source of reference and she's in heaven.  Lots of information about her author!

Besides following the paperwork of Charlotte, she meets people she gets along well with.  She also finds out that the business trips her husband takes are aren't really business.  He meets his lover.  Since she met a man she likes in England, she decides to divorce.

Claire has several successes and failures in England.  She almost loses the man she met and liked.  She makes a discovery that rattles her to her core.  Her father isn't her father.  Can she find the man who is?

This was good read with all sorts of things going.  Her husband shows up and wants to reconcile.  She won't.  She finds her father.  She finds a short story that Charlotte wrote.  

You aren't sure how things are going to turn out for her but she'll live with it whatever it becomes.

The author's words flow smoothly, the story is intriguing, and it''s a good read.

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