Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Take Me Home Tonight by Morgan Matson

Two very close friends decide to go to New York on their own.  They are 18 and Kat was supposed to be going to dinner with her dad.  But he said he had work to do and couldn't make it.  He authorized her dinner on his card and told her to take her mother.  She takes her friend and plans on buying the most expensive items on the menu.

Simon and Schuster Children's Books For Young Readers sent me an ARC of the book to read for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can get a copy now.

When they get to New York, they end up having a fight and each girl goes off by herself.  They have no idea what they are going to find.

There's new and old boyfriends around, a fake CIA agent, diamonds that were stolen, a teacher of plays who holds a grudge, lots of characters, and lots of trauma and strife.

You start to wonder if anyone will end up happy with all these troubles.  Somehow it all straightens itself by the end.  And while it may not be the outcome they wanted, they are better off with the way it turned out.

This is a very busy read, but it's interesting.

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