Saturday, February 10, 2018

Guardian Angels and Other Monsters by Daniel H. Wilson

This is an interesting group of short stories that tantalize your mind.  They're fantasy but they are close enough to reality to scare you a bit...

Vintage and Edelweiss let me read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published March 6th.

The description on Edelweiss said:  "In “All Kinds of Proof,” a down-and-out drunk makes the unlikeliest of friends when he is hired to train a mail-carrying robot; in “Blood Memory,” a mother confronts the dangerous reality that her daughter will never assimilate in this world after she was the first child born through a teleportation device; in “The Blue Afternoon That Lasted Forever,” a physicist rushes home to be with his daughter after he hears reports of an atmospheric anomaly which he knows to be a sign of the end of the earth; in “Miss Gloria,” a robot comes back to life in many different forms in a quest to save a young girl. Guardian Angels and Other Monsters displays the depth and breadth of Daniel H. Wilson’s vision and examines how artificial intelligence both saves and destroys humanity."

Blood Memory is haunting and will stick in my mind for a while.  The Blue Afternoon... is about the end of our world.  Miss Gloria is an intriguing story that could have been longer; I enjoyed it.

None of these will bore you and they're nothing like anything I've read before.  I admire this man's mind and his words will stick with you. 

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