Monday, February 5, 2018

Beast in View by Margaret Millar

I read this author many years ago and was fascinated to find another of her books to read.  She messes with your mind.  This is a perfect example of her style and how she can lead you in any direction she wants to.  Get ready to read a book you won't forget...

Soho Syndicate and Edelweiss let me read this book for review (thank you).  It will publish tomorrow so you can grab a copy then.

Helen has isolated herself and lives in her own little world.  When a girl from the past comes back into her life and threatens her, she calls her father's attorney and asks him for help.  He's getting close to retirement, so he's willing to look into it.  All she knows is the woman's name, so he begins his search and hopes to find him.

The author also gives you thoughts of Evelyn, the harasser.  She's a scary individual who is a bit crazy, so you can see how she would get fixated on this family.  After all, she married the son and then found out he was gay and the marriage was annulled quietly.  That had to have an affect on your mind.

People begin dying and it gets more intense as it goes.  The harassment increases in volume and number of victims.  It's not until the very end that you get the whole story.  And it's downright creepy.  Like I said, I think it will take a while to forget this one...

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