Monday, March 6, 2017

Wanted and Wired by Vivien Jackson

Mari is an assassin.  She always hits her target.  Her partner, Heron, sets up the hits, they share the money, and while they are always on the run, they're happy.  Until she's hired to take out a quad (a robot that looks human, often clone-like) and when the bullet hits him, blood spurts out.  Quads don't have blood; she just killed the man, not his clone.  And they are both in big trouble now...

Sourcebooks Casablanca and Net Galley let me read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published April 4th.

A woman assassin isn't common but she's from Texas and has had some bad experiences in her past, so she does what she needs to do and tries not to feel guilty about it.  It's hard when a mistake was made in her assignment.  What burns her is it was not her mistake.  Someone set them up for a fall.

This is an action packed story with lots of danger set in a future world where many of the humans have been augmented with nanos to increase their performances and skills.  She won't go there but her partner has been changed.  He's afraid to tell her how much.  She's not too concerned with that.  She's falling in love with him and wants him to love her, too.  He does but he won't admit it.  They are in the middle of a war and they don't need the distraction.  Of course, knowing better doesn't mean you don't do it.

Heron has an ability to plug in electronically and become the car, the helicopter, the building or the space ship.  While they were hiding in one of his buildings, they were tackled by a couple of gunmen who plugged Heron into a strange port.  Mari manages to kill both of them and remove the port but the damage has been done.  There are bugs in his system now, just like a virus in a computer.  He has to leave his body and go into the computer to see if he can isolate and kill them.  He only has so long to do it and the hours are counting down.  Mari goes back to Texas to shut down the source.  Heron is still in the computer.  It's very, very dangerous in Texas.

This futuristic novel was entertaining.  It's a bit spicy with the sex but the overall story was good to read.  This is not the end of this story, there will be more in this series.  It's not going to get nicer either.  War is on the horizon and Mari and Heron are in their sights.

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