Sunday, March 12, 2017

Called to Justice: A Quaker Midwife Mystery #2 by Edith Maxwell

Rose is enjoying the evening fireworks with her boyfriend when the evening is ruined by the death of young lady.  Her boyfriend is a doctor so he goes to her aid and finds she has been shot.  There is no sign of a gun so she didn't shoot herself.  Who did?  Rose knew she was pregnant and the father would have nothing to do with the child nor would he marry her.  But she didn't know who he was.

Midnight Ink and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published April 8th.

When the mill manager says he witnessed a local free slave shoot her, the police take his word for it.  Her friend ends up in jail and she's determined to find the real killer.  She knows he wouldn't do that.  It's harder than you'd think.  In the dark with fireworks going off, no one saw anything.  She believes the mill manager is lying but he's a pillar of the community and that's hard to fight.  

In the meantime, she's delivering babies and counseling young girls and thinking of marrying her boyfriend.  But her proposed mother-in-law tries to break them up, one child is born blind due to gonorrhea, the mill manager tries to run her over, and the killer is still out there.

It comes down to a stand off and I worried about Rose and her friends.  I was surprised by the identity of the killer.  Did you figure it out before the end?

I wonder what mystery Rose will encounter next? 

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DMS said...

This sounds fascinating! Definitely curious to know more about the mystery. Great cover too! Thanks for sharing. :)